Global Trade Fair of Purchasing Epidemic Prevention Materials

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Meeting Tenet

“The Belt and Road”Abbreviation: B&Ris the short name of “the Silk Road Economic Belt” as well as “the 21st century maritime Silk Road”. And it is the initiative which was proposed by Chinese President Jinping Xi in September and October 2013. “The Belt and Road” goes through the continent of Asia, Europe and Africa and includes 136 countries or regions as its members. It depends on international passages on land and takes important ports at sea as nodes. And it will adequately count on the existing bilateral multilateral mechanisms between China and related countries adequately and draw support from the existing and effective regional cooperation platforms to develop the economic partnerships with countries along the Belt and Road energetically and build a community of Shared interests, Shared future and Shared responsibilities which is characterized by political trust, economic integration and cultural inclusiveness.

In the face of the epidemic of novel coronavirus and the shortage of global epidemic prevention materials, China has opened business channels to export urgently needed personal protective devices and medical supplies and equipment for other countries because of the implementment of “The Belt and Road”. As a global trade city, Guangdong is among the top on account of the large manufacturing exports. The goals of this trade fair are to make factories and purchasers as well as dealers realize accurate contact, connect made in China with the global anti-epidemic actions, push the recovery of global economy and trade and help the domestic production enterprises of epidemic prevention materials to turn into one-stop business purchasing platforms.

Report on the first four exhibitions:

Exhibition Name:Global Trade Fair of  Purchasing Epidemic Prevention Materials

Exhibition Scale: eighty thousand㎡    

Exhibitors: about 2000

Domestic And Overseas Merchants: more than 99,362 person-times are expected


Joint-Organizers :

                     China-Asia Economic Development Association

                     World Commerce Federation

                     Guangdong Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters

                     Industry Committee of Emergency and Epidemic Prevention Materials

                     Guangzhou Chuangmai Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

Support Unit

                     China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Commercial Sub-Council


                     China Medical Device Procurement  Public Service Platform

                     Dongguan International Trade Enterprises Association

                     China Association for Medical Devices Industry- Professional Committee on Innovative Services

                     Zhuhai Enterprises Association for Foreign Economic Cooperation

                     Dongguan Association for Medical Devices Industry

                     Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Profession Association

                     Yunnan Pharmaceutical Profession Association

                     Guangxi Pharmaceutical Profession Association

                     Wenzhou Association of Foreign Trade Enterprises

                     Liuzhou Association of Textile and Garment

                     Zhuhai Association for Pharmaceutical Circulation Industry

                     Shenzhen Medicine Profession Association   

General ContractorThe Limited Company of Guangzhou Chuangmai Exhibition Planning

Purchasing CommissionThe Exchange Center of United Nations Economic and Trade

Senior Consultant:



Chao Zhang(the quondam program producer of “cultural China” of China Central Television, the original founding secretary-general of the association of Maritime Silk Doad and the president of the association of cross border e-commerce)


Exhibition schedule

Exhibition Time Schedule: March 31- April 2, 2021

Venue: Pazhou World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Epidemic Prevention Mask, Protective Suit,Disinfectant, Alcohol, Safety Goggles, Face Shield,Detection Reagent,Medical Glove, Alcohol Wet Tissue,Sterilizing Lamp, Respirator,Temperature Measuring Probe, Infrared Image Tracker, Air Decontamination Sprayer, Medical Device, Epidemic Prevention Drugs, Health-care Food, Anti-microbial Food, Sterilization Equipment, Mask Raw Materials And Automatic Mask Machines And Accessories, Protective Cabin, Epidemic Prevention Vehicle, Medical Instruments, Medical Health-care Equipment And Supplies, Rehabilitation Equipment, Family Health-care Products, Therapeutic Drugs, Chinese And Western Medicine, First Aid EquipmentLaboratory Equipment And Medical Services, Medical Consultation And Other Related Auxiliaries.

Exhibition Scope

The Benefits of Exhibitors

Solve the problem of order for goods.

Solve the problem of stock.

Solve the problem of export.

Solve the problem of supply chains.

Solve the problem of enterprise transition.

Medium Publicity

The organizers will conduct comprehensive promotion and reporting together with Guangdong TV, MASTV, IPTV, Tencent, Baidu, Toutiao, mask website, Dongfang yaojiaohui, Dongfang medical equipment website, Daqian medical network, Guangdong southeast TV, Tik Tok and other 360 domestic online media.

Population Invited

Nearly 30 medical organizations which are from Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, India, and the United States and related medical agents, dealers as well as traders who are located in China will come to purchase.

The agents, dealers as well as traders who are from domestic e- business, chain drugstores and hospitals will come to purchase.

Exhibition Highlights

Ⅰ   We will invite industry expert group to attend this exhibition and hold “The Forum of         International Epidemic Prevention and Development Peak of Medical Industry”.

Ⅱ  The exhibition has been successfully held for four sessions, it has accumulated strong       procurement information and quality exhibitors.

The third "Mask Man Night" dinner will be held with 600 people .

Exhibitors will be given two  free dinner tickets .

Exhibition Hall Info

Pazhou World Trade Center Expo, GuangzhouThe Expo is located in the heart of the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Circle in Haizhu District, Guangzhou. Metro Line 8 has direct access to the entrance of the exhibition hall, and its "Pazhou Station" is seamlessly connected to the Expo. The road transportation network is fast and convenient. It is adjacent to the Ring Expressway in the east, the South China Expressway in the west, Newport East Road in the north and Fengpu Middle Road in the south, and many bus lines intersect here. With all these transport infrastructures, passengers can quickly reach Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Tianhe Coach Terminal Station and Baiyun International Airport.

Exhibition Charge

Standard Exhibition12800 yuan/9m²3m x 3m = 9m²

Indoor Raw Space1200 yuan/m²There is no any configuration in indoor raw space, so you need to build by yourself and the minimum scale for renting is 36m²)

Total Cost of Title Sponsorship200 thousand yuanone place

Cost of Joint Title Sponsorship100 thousand yuanthree places

The Configuration of Standard Exhibition: three coamings, two spotlights, a consulting desk, two chairs, a rug and a 220V electrical socket outlet. Remarks: the management cost of decorating space is 20 yuan/ m², other related cost like construction deposit and electric charge shall be paid by yourself (exhibit producer will pay the construction deposit ).

Exhibition Procedures

If you are determined to participate in the exhibition, you need to make sure the booth, sign and fill in the exhibition contract and send it to the organizing committee.  

From the date of signing the exhibition contract, exhibitors should send expenses to the account which is designated by the organizing committee within three working days and pass back the remittance certificate in order to check.

The principle of allotting booth: apply first, pay first and arrange first!

Exhibition review


Contact Details
Guangzhou Chuangmai Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.    

Address: The 15th Floor of Poly International Finance Center, Xintang, Guangzhou, Guangdong

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